The Label Deal for artists and independent labels

You own an indie label or publish about 3-5 products per year? With the our Label Deal you can publish 5 new products every year. And you no longer have to pay fees for already released products. This way you save more each year.

Publish up to 5 products per year for a flat rate fee of only 9 €/month1!

Order Label Deal now!

Find out how much money you can save with the Label Deal!

Just enter how many products you want to release every year...

Singles + EPs + Albums   = 5 products
With the Label Deal for 9 €1 per month you'll save:
  • 1st year   130 Euro
  • 2nd year   130 Euro
  • 3rd year   130 Euro

 How many products can I release with the Label Deal?

With the Label Deal you can release up to 5 new products each year.

 What if I have more than 5 releases per year?

You can also order multiple Label Deals. You can release 10 products for 18 €/monthand so on. Furthermore you can order individual products in addition to the Label Deal. Therefore, you'll never be limited to a certain amount of releases.

 Do I have to pay fees for already released products?

No, with the Label Deal you only pay the flat rate fee while being able to release 5 new products each year.

 What if I have less products to release?

Unused product contingents of the Label Deal expire at the end of the each contractual year.

 Is there a minimum contract period for the Label Deal?

No, you can cancel the Label Deal at any time. But we can't refund any paid fees.

 Can I include already on released products into the Label Deal?

Yes, you can. It's actually the smart way to reduce your recurring fees. Please contact our support and let us know which products you want to transfer to your Label Deal. Afterwards, these products will not cause any further monthly service fees.

 Do I have to represent a company to get the Label Deal?

No, the Label Deal is available for all customers.

 So how does it work?

It's quite simple: sign up, order the Label Deal and then upload a product with 'Label Deal' as payment method. Done!

If you have any questions about digital music distribution, please check our FAQ. If you have questions about the Label Deal, please contact our support.

1 All prices incl. tax.