Promote your music on the Internet

You create great music but nobody knows about it? Those times are gone. We give you access to our Promotion Tools for self-marketing purposes so you can professionally promote your music and increase your sales. Music Player for websites and Facebook

A music player on your own homepage or Facebook page is the easiest solution to present your music. This way fans can listen to your latest tracks and immediately buy them via shop link. But one music player is not just like another... That's why we proudly present the brand new generation of the Music Player – now even better Product Sheet for media promotion Product Sheet

To professionally promote your music, you need to sample your release to the media and radio stations. In addition to an exploratory press text, pictures and a capturing artist biography, the Product Sheet provides all relevant product information at a glance. Web Banner for your website

A web banner on your own homepage is the easiest way to link to your music on an online shop. But honestly – most banners on the Internet suck... That's why we've focused on the essentials: A decent banner with cover view and your slogan.