What online music distribution services offer

What online music distribution services offer

With an online music distribution service, artists, bands, producers and independent labels can sell their music - even without a record deal. The distributor forwards their songs to the leading online music shops. Afterwards, fans around the world can buy the music as download (on iTunes, Amazon, Google) or stream it (on Spotify or Deezer). The music distribution service administrates the worldwide publication and sales of the releases.

Task of a music distribution service

  • Provision of an upload system for releases
  • Verification of audio files and product info
  • Conversion of the data into the respective shops' format
  • Assignment of technical codes, such as ISRCs and EAN/UPC
  • Supply all leading music shops
  • Provision of shop links
  • Provision of promotion tools for marketing
  • Account sales with the music shops
  • Create detailed sales statistics
  • Payout the revenue to customer
  • Customer support

A music distribution service is an easy and cost-effective solution to outsource all administrative tasks of selling music digitally, especially for newcomers and small labels, as well as experienced artists without a record deal. Furthermore, music distributors provide very transparent and clear accounting statistics, compared to any record label. A good music distributor offers one simple contract for all customers (usually terms of use) and daily up-to-date sales data.

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