Frequently Asked QuestionsAnd all answers about online music distribution


  • We enable musicians, bands, producers and independent labels to sell their music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more. Just upload your music on our website and we'll distribute it worldwide, account all downloads and streams and pay out your revenue.

  • 1. Sign up on our website
    2. Choose a flatrate
    3. Upload a release and promote it

    We take care of the rest! And pay you your sales revenue.

  • A release is a digital single, EP or album (also called "product"). Every release consists of 1-25 songs, a cover picture and the release info (like title, artist, songwriter, composer).

  • The flatrate fees depend on how many releases you want to publish each year. And you get new releases each year - while keeping costs at the same level. Here you can find our pricing & features. If you need more releases you can choose to upgrade at any time.

  • Basis of contract are our terms. You can start right away. As opposed to other music distribution services, with us you can delete releases free of charge and also cancel at any time without a cancelation period.

  • Many music distribution services claim to supply 100-500 shops. Those numbers are misleading and delusive, because they count every sales country as a single shop (so iTunes with more than 150 countries is counted as 150 shops). Of course we supply all the countries' individual shops too, but we only count iTunes as one shop.

    In addition, the biggest five shops (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Deezer) account for a total market share of more than 90%. All shops supplied by us cover more than 97% of the digital music market. Only the quality of the supplied shops matters, not the quantity.

  • Some music distribution services only charge a one-time fee for publishing a release. But that's where the work starts: storage costs, settlements, accounting, support, technical updates and further development of the service – this continually costs money.

    So if a music distribution service only charges once for theoretically "1,000 years of service", this is very untrustworthy. This distributor finances itself necessarily only by gaining new customers, not by actual expenses. When it doesn't have new customers anymore, you have a problem.

    Other music distribution services charge annual fees for each release. But the more releases you have, the more you have to pay each year.

    We've found the best solution: You pay a flat fee and get new releases every year. You can choose how many releases you need.

  • You can pay with SEPA direct debit (EU only) or Master Card, Visa or Maestro (worldwide).

    The payout of your revenue is carried out to a German bank account or via PayPal (worldwide). A PayPal account is required and PayPal fees apply for the payout.


    • 1-25 songs as WAV or AIFF file with 16 Bit and 44,1 kHz (alternatively: MP3 with 320 kbps)
    • 1 cover picture as JPG or PNG file with 3000x3000 pixels (at best with 300dpi resolution, RGB colors)
    • Release info (such as title, artist, songwriter, composer)
  • The max. playtime is 10 minutes per song/track. The average song length is about 2-5 minutes. An album should not be longer than 120 minutes.

    Tracks with overlength (7-10 minutes) have certain disadvantages:

    • usually cost the same as short tracks
    • usually don’t get played on the radio
    • usually only available with the album (not as single download)
    • in some countries copyright fees are accounted by minute (e.g. USA) - a longer track results in more fees per download, so you’ll earn less
  • We recommend to avoid unusual spellings and usage of special characters in product or song titles to ensure the publishing goes without problems and the release is easy to find (NO CAPS).

    In English titles the first letter of each word has to be capitalized (exceptions: a, an, for, from, in, of, or, the, to). All titles in other languages have to be spelled according to the respective orthography.

    You can correct or change titles later with a data revision if needed.

  • We recommend to avoid unusual spellings and usage of special characters in artists names to ensure the publishing goes without problems and the release is easy to find (NO CAPS).

    Each artist name has to be unique and distinctive and can not be in use by another artist or band already.

    You can correct or change artist names later with a data revision if needed.

  • The cover picture has to be uploaded as JPG or PNG file with 3000x3000 pixels. Additional info such as track list, web or email addresses, legal info, copyrighted logos etc. is not allowed.

    The quality of the cover picture is very important for the sales success. You can be creative, but make sure you don't use private pictures or minor quality graphics. The shops might reject unqualified cover pictures.

    If you don't know how to design and create a cover picture we recommend to assign a graphic designer or photographer. They can create a professional cover picture in the needed size and format.

    If you use graphics from picture libraries or stock images you have to make sure they are authorized for commercial use.

    You can correct or change cover pictures later with a data revision if needed.

  • Yes. You can enter your own label name during the upload. It will be displayed in the shops (exception: Beatport). If you don't have a label, it's automatically set to "YouTunez".

  • Releases containing lyrics that are potentially morally harmful are to be provided with the indication "explicit lyrics" (meaning "inappropriate for minors") during the upload.


  • iTunes and Amazon take about 1-3 days to publish a release. Smaller shops take about 1-3 weeks. However in exceptional cases, publishing can be delayed. If your release is not published within 4 weeks, please contact our support.

  • Click on "Releases" in your account and select a distributed release. You can see if it's available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google and Deezer. If you click on a shop logo, you get the direct link to your release. You can find other shop links via the respective shops' search function.

  • A data revision is the correction or change of the product information of a distributed release. This way, you can correct misspellings or update the cover picture. A data revision costs 10.00 EUR incl. VAT per product. The shops usually take 2-14 days for processing. We will immediately forward the data revision to the shops, but we have no influence on its effective realization.

  • Each release will be available for sale until you delete it from the shops ("take down"). Release deletions are possible at any time and free of charge. A release deletion doesn't affect your existing flatrate. The shops usually take 2-30 days for processing. Until the release deletion is completed all incoming sales will be accounted as usual. If a release is still available 6 weeks after take down, please contact our support.

  • Changing, adding or deleting audio files after publishing is not possible. Instead, the release needs to be taken down and replaced by a completely new release. To avoid this, please make sure you choose the correct audio files during the upload process.

  • No. Music streaming is getting more and more popular and it's particularly important for spreading your releases. An exclusion of streaming or the delay of streaming will lead to less sales revenue and is therefore not possible.

  • If you need more releases than available in your flatrate or if you want to deliver future releases to more shops you can do an upgrade. An upgrade is possible at any time to a flatrate of higher value.

    An upgrade involves entering into a new flatrate contract that replaces the existing flatrate. Already existing releases are thereby incorporated into the new flatrate at no cost. Unused releases associated with the old flatrate contract expire in case of an upgrade.

  • The artist profiles on the shops are automatically created by the shops. We currently have no influence on what info is shown in your artist profile. However, some shops allow you to validate your artist profile so you can make changes. To do so, please contact the respective shops.


  • Your revenue per download and stream varies by shop and sales country. You always get 85% of the sales revenue that we receive from the shops. And that's way more than with any record deal. Here's an example for a download on iTunes.

    The streaming revenue depends on the number of customers and total revenue of the streaming portal. You always get 85%.

  • The shops set the exact sales price depending on the sales country. However, with the STAR or LABEL flatrate you can set the price level for downloads during the upload:

    • Bargain (approx. 50%)
    • Cheap (approx. 80%)
    • Normal (100%, recommended)
    • Expensive (approx. 130%)
    • Premium (approx. 150%)

    The percentages refer to the average sales price of the shop. It's not possible to distribute releases for free.

  • You can view the sales statistics in your account at any time.

    The Preview shows the sales of the last 30 days und months on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google and Deezer. The preview is updated daily. This way, you can monitor your current sales and measure the success of your promotion. Preview sales are subject to correction by the shops.

    The Settlement shows all accounted sales incl. your revenue share. The settlement is updated monthly. However, it takes about 3-4 months after publishing until we receive the first settlement from the shops. The revenue of settlement is added to your credit.

    Since the shops have to account millions of downloads and streams every day, in some cases sales are not being reported instantly but appear later in the settlement. We can't predict when sales will be reported or accounted. We always give you exactly the sales data currently available from the shops.

  • Settlements are made on a monthly basis. When we receive a new settlement the according sum is added to your credit. You can request the payout of your credit at any time after reaching at least 25.00 EUR. The payment will be made within 3-14 days (max. 60 days) via PayPal a German bank account. PayPal fees might apply.

  • If already shown sales disappear temporary, it's because the sales data is being updated or the next settlement is being accounted. Preview sales are always subject to correction by the shops. We always give you exactly the data we currently have received from the shops.

  • Just place a test order of your release on iTunes. The download should show up in your preview within 1-2 days. Please be aware that sometimes sales are reported with delay. We have no influence on this.

  • With the STAR or LABEL flatrate you can set a release date for your release during the upload. If this date is at least 2 weeks in the future, your release will be available on iTunes, Amazon and Google as preorder.

    Preorder downloads will be downloadable on the release date and shown as sales in your preview afterwards. If you want to get into the iTunes charts, you need as many preorders as possible. However, we have no influence on the availability as preorder.


  • You keep all rights on your music. We only need the worldwide digital distribution right for the uploaded songs, during the time we distribute them. You're not allowed to distribute the same songs with another digital distributor at the same time. But you can still exploit your songs in every other way possible like on CD, LP, as YouTube video, on Soundcloud or as download on your homepage.

  • You need the rights for the audio recordings ("master rights"), the permissions of all copyright owners (songwriter, composer, publisher), and the rights for the cover picture. If you use content (such as audio recordings, samples, cover picture) or creations (such as song lyrics, melodies, compositions) of others, you need to get a permission from the rights' owners.

    You are responsible and liable for the content you upload. We recommend to get a written permission from all rights owners to avoid legal problems. By uploading your release, you confirm to own all necessary rights and permissions and that no third parties' rights are violated.

  • No. You can use our service with or without joining a royalty collection society. Joining usually makes sense when your music is already selling a lot, regularly playing on radio, or being licensed for bigger projects. For newcomers we don't recommend joining a collecting society.

    The royalties are being made out from the shops to the collection societies. If you have questions about royalty collection, please refer to your countries' royalty collection society.

  • To use parts of other songs ("samples"), you need a written permission from the label owning the master rights of the original recording. If you use samples from music libraries make sure you're allowed to use them for commercial products.

  • To release a remix you need the written permission from the label (for using the original recoding) and from the copyright owners (for editing the lyrics and composition).

    The same applies to DJ mixes for every single song. That's why we don't distribute DJ mixes.

  • If you want to publish a cover version of an original recording, you have to follow these rules:

    • You have to enter all copyright owners of the original with full names (composer, songwriter and publisher).
    • You can't use the original artist name. The original artist can't be mentioned or displayed on the cover picture.
    • You can't change the song title of the original.
    • You can't use the original recordings or parts of it. To do so you need a written permission from the label.
    • You can't change the original lyrics or composition. To do so you need a written permission from the copyright owners.
    • Cover versions can't sound exactly like the original, because such "soundalike" versions will not be published by the shops.
    • If you can't obtain the rights from a collecting society, you have to get a written permission from the copyright owners or publisher.

    Cover versions are often legally problematic. We recommend to always get a written permission from the copyright owners or to consult a lawyer.

  • Each artist name has to be unique and distinctive and can not be in use by another artist or band already. Before using our service you should research if your artist name is already in use by another artist or band (e.g. by search on Google, iTunes, Spotify).

    If the artist name is already in use, your releases will be added to the other artists profile in the shops and can be deleted at any time. In addition, you could get sued and be liable to indemnify for violating name or trademark rights. If you think you own the artist name rights, please contact a lawyer.

    You can correct or change the artist name with a data revision if needed.

  • Please refer to your local tax authority. For newcomers we recommend to take care of selling music first, taxes after.


  • Please contact our support. Describe your problem precisely, so we can help you asap.

  • The promotion tools can help you sell your releases. They are self-explaining and can be created and embedded without technical skills with just a few clicks. Find more info on promotion tools.

  • To account your sales every audio file needs an ISRC and every product an EAN (or UPC) for identification. All required codes are already included in our flatrates so you don't have to worry about the codes.

    You'll find the codes in your account under "Releases" after the release was distributed by us. You can also use these codes for your CD or vinyl production as long as the release is identical.

    If you have your own ISRC codes you can enter them during the upload (only with LABEL Flatrate).

  • The LC is not required for digital music distribution. And since we don't have any rights on your recordings, we can't provide an LC.

    If you need an LC please refer to the performing rights society in charge for your country.

  • Yes. But they have to meet specific requirements. Audio books have to be uploaded like regular music releases with 5-25 songs (or tracks or chapters). The total number of tracks also reflects in the sales price. During the upload you have to select "Audiobook" as genre and enter the authors' name as songwriter and composer. Audio books are usually not distributed to streaming shops.

  • No. We are a digital music distribution service and don't offer physical distribution. CDs are still being sold, but since CD players rapidly disappear from our everyday life, it's already clear that the CD has no future.

    The distribution of music videos is still expensive but the revenue remains low. That's why we recommend uploading your music videos for promotional purposes on YouTube.

  • Beatport only publishes certain music genres and reserves the right to reject releases without reason. Beatport will publish all releases with "YouTunez" as label.

  • Your sales success depends on the quality of your music, cover picture and promotion. Here you'll find some helpful music distribution tips.