Sell your music worldwide on all shops – without a record deal. How many release do you need?

  • Newcomer

    incl. VAT Start now ≈ 19 € / Release
  • Label

    incl. VAT Start now ≈ 13,80 € / Release

Our flatrates are all-inclusive and contain all shops, promo tools, features, codes etc.
You get 100% of the incoming sales revenue and you can publish new releases every year.

If you need more releases, you can always upgrade your flatrate (even more than 5 releases).

Your Releases

Each release can contain 1-25 songs (Single, EP or Album). With your flatrate, you get new releases every year - without increasing costs. You can delete your releases at any time free-of-charge.

Your Contract

Your contract extends automatically after one year for another 12 months. With the extension you get new releases, unused releases expire. You can cancel your flatrate at any time free-of-charge.