12 reasons to sell your music online

12 reasons to sell your music online

Whether newcomer or professional, today almost all musicians want to sell their music on the Internet. Unsurprisingly, because more than 3.5 billion people already have online access. In 2016, the music market is bigger than ever before.

Especially artists and bands without a record deal can profit from the digital distribution. With little effort they can release their songs worldwide on online shops such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, etc. Furthermore, digital distribution has numerous advantages compared to the production of physical recordings such as CD or LP.

12 advantages of online music distribution

  1. Professional release, even without record deal
  2. Broad market coverage through worldwide availability in all leading music shops
  3. 24/7 access, including preview function
  4. Low investment costs, very large sales share
  5. The user keeps all rights
  6. One simple contract for all users (usually terms of use)
  7. Release within a few days
  8. Always up-to-date sales figures
  9. No duplication costs and royalty fees in advance
  10. Eco-friendly duplication (no packaging, storage, transport, return)
  11. Easy promotion by sharing of links (on artist website, YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
  12. Fans can share the users' links (viral marketing)

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