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Sell your music in more than 170 countries and all leading shops. After only a few days your music is available. Daily updated figures with detailed sales statistics and reporting.

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We only need the digital distribution rights for the supplied shops. You can still sell your music on CD, LP, YouTube and more. You can cancel at any time without cancelation period.

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Upload your music with just a few clicks. All required codes included. You can delete releases at any time free-of-charge. It's never been so easy to be free.

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Advertise your music with our promotion tools, like the Music Player for your website and Facebook. Analyze your sales statistics to become more successful.

You get 85%

Your revenue per download and stream varies by shop and sales country. You always get 85% of the sales revenue that we receive from the shops. And that's way more than with any record deal. Here's an example for a download on iTunes:

Your share per downloadSongAlbum
Your share (85%)0,60€6,00€
Sales price (e.g. iTunes Germany)0,99€9,99€
- Shop fee, taxes, copyright- 0,29€- 2,90€
- Distribution share (15%)- 0,10€- 1,00€