7 step checklist to the perfect music production

7 step checklist to the perfect music production

Now if you think we're revealing the magic formula to create the next chart hit - sorry, we don't know it. Nonetheless, the way to the perfect music production might be easier than you think. We want to remind musicians of something that has almost got lost in the WhatsApps und YouTube age.

Making music is not science. Music is art, creativity, expression, emotion. Music bings people together, sometimes thousands. And even if you don't hit the charts, the memories of previous recording sessions with your buddies are priceless. Therefore we say "bring back the love" and created our own checklist…

The 7 steps to the perfect music production

  1. Good vibes
  2. Motivated musicians
  3. A song that creates emotions
  4. A catchy melody and hook line
  5. Enough time (incl. breaks)
  6. Enough beer, pizza, etc.
  7. Have fun!

TIP! Music should create emotion and haunting melodies. You don't need expensive equipment or vocal opera training. If you love your music and convey that feeling to the listeners, your fans will love it too.